Saturday, 27 September 2014

Blood Bath

'Dead' says the floor
frozen in painted tiles
as a lost shower of blood dies
and it's only her drowning
doesn't move
doesn't breathe
only stares at me pleadingly
to save her
my love
a red daisy among fallen flowers,
With melting eyes I fall
wondering who'd do such a hateful deed
and I look down to see
the knife in my hand.


The CDs sc-r-atc-h
and the beat d
All reason stops.

Stained Sparks

The woods are wet
with the piss of revolution
everyone lost in their
anger lead mazes,
only see the dark in this
raging fire.

Shall I leave this world
for another
stay put my friend?

I run and trip.

'Help' they yell
and I see a spark
in the drenched woods;
soon they burn
in bloodied innocence.

there is a man I see
the man with the spark
whose life's stained
with a million others
and I know
you know

it's me.


Clap up a song
by the fireside
I'll sing along
till we win this tide

No no no don't leave me
under the embers
I get lost in their eyes
thousands of undead souls in mine

when I open my eyes
I no longer see the road
and there's no one I can hold
onto for my failing gravity.
me and my unclarity

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lies I couldn't Live Without

He lied through his stinking teeth
his lips dripped poisoned honey
and I believed every word placed on his tongue
even when I could taste the lies
and the back of my mind screamed at my useless eyes
I was hell bent on believing in the wrong religion
some tried to save me
some sang the truth
but the music stopped too soon
and I was left alone again and again
separated from the world by his wall
and for what?
to hop into his arms
too broken to question his plastic love

what finally saved me was a soul I cherished more than mine
a part of me I raised
my blood, my love
who showed me a better way
her innocent smiles and fragile tears finally blew his fa├žade away
when I saw the monster underneath

I ran.

For the ones who saw the truth and for the ones who couldn't