Monday, 28 July 2014

Gone Again

You have left me again
I swallow my tears as I walk
I miss your arms around my neck
And your words calming me down
But I know, know oh-so-well,
That you've got to go,
And do what you mean to
But must you leave me in such disarray?

I miss you till I drop - dead in my tracks
Wait for you to open your eyes
We scream as our hearts collide
Once more and I know
I'll never get over you and your yellow smile.

A Story

To You I write tonight
Words written away in the sands of time
The story's fresh and ruddy
Its crimson elixir flowing through its leaves
Pages ripe, ink bright
Imbued with the aroma of a dark warm night
Inundating my lungs, with nebulous plumes
Resuscitating the soul trapped in me.

Friday, 25 July 2014


I stop at the sound of his breath
watching my every subtle move
I turn with the frantic wind
as I try to hide
but it is always there - his breath on my face
making me sweat.

We are free for word
but poked and prodded like animals in our natural-un-habitat
with no right to live
our own.

I must do something - we all must
us creatures they once called human
or burn
in this 'control' experiment

I feel the bomb ticking now,
urging it to blow
into smithereens of help 

An Icy Burn (Wait)

I waited for the sun to rise. It fell.
I waited for the day to come. It went.
I waited till the stars fell down and annihilated the earth with their mighty glow - I waited after you said go.

I waited till my body imploded into little specks of star dust I was born of 
My soul waited as the specs, I was, unfolded into this universe - arbitrarily forming a different creature. 
And yet, as this inhuman creature I waited for the end, the inevitable end, to come, to whisper away the secret - the secret which enslaves the whole time and space.

I went on and on - a planet, a leech, a comet, a cloud, a star

A brand on the flesh of this universe - infinite - frozen through time and space  -  bursting open at the close - solitary, I saw it, finally the last page turned
I saw it burn with a flare so bright, so blatantly  obscure
Like a fool I went - into the center - the fixed point and yet no voice whispered in my mind - no secret told - no plan - no meaning - no purpose -nothing
Everything that ever was, everything that ever will be had no deep dark secret that ran underneath the pipelines of the universe to illuminate my soul.

'But I waited' I said
'What for?'
'For the secret'  I said
'There is none - never was'

Inspired by 'Foucault's Pendulum' by Umberto Eco